We have cleared nearly all of the hurdles involved with having a Haitian travel to the United States…it is not easy!  We are now just waiting for the passport to be printed for our daughter Victoria.  The people at the US Embassy told me that all of our documents are finally in order and now she can get a US passport.  If all goes well, we could be back to Omaha late November or early December.  Nothing is a done deal down here though…so we are not buying tickets yet!

Victoria Renee Peters

I will just start off with some pictures of the sweet baby.  She is now just over two months old, still not doing much more that eating, sleeping, crying and filling her diapers.  But, she has cracked a smile now and then and I think she is beginning to make other noises than wahhh wahhhh!

Finished a big project

The project that I wrote about earlier is now finished.  My friend Jacob Sangster is the man on the ground here in Gonaives for a large project about 30 minutes outside of town.  They have built a big orphanage and a school already and they have plans for more…a medical clinic, vocational school, community center.  I have already worked for them building the large rolling cabinets for their cafeteria.  The project that I just finished was for furniture for the new school.  I built 24 bench desks, 12 chalkboards and 7 teacher tables.

It was a fun project, I got to design the furniture and Jean Philippe got to help me work as well.  I built a jig to build the legs for the benches…that worked great…they are very strong, attractive, and I was able to make them quiclky.  The chalkboards are a little over the top for down here, but I wanted them to be quality.  I glued a piece of masonite to a sheet of half inch plywood with contact cement.  I got to teach Jean Philippe what it is like to install laminate countertops – same principle, same tools.

The tables that I built are popular…I have orders for more already from people that saw me making the tables for this project.

Four of the 24 bench desks

Here I am standing over the Jig that I made for the legs

8 tables nearly complete, some of my in laws in the picture too.

Once in a while, I can convince my wife to help.  She likes the router.

Some of the chalkboards

The school opened a couple of weeks ago.  I was able to get them all of the benches and six of the chalkboards for the opening day.  I came up with the other six chalkboards and the seven teacher tables a week later…not too bad.  Here are a few shots of the classrooms.  As you can see there is plenty of room for more benches…and I am pretty sure where they will get them!

So, now I am trying to finish up any half finished projects that I have around the house.  For those of you that know me well, I could spend a lifetime doing just that!  But I would like to start getting ready for our visit back to Omaha.  I think we would like to spend about six months back with my family.  I will try to get a day job and also do my usual handyman work in the evenings and on weekends.  I want to build up some money for our return to Haiti.  
I plan to work and save in order to purchase a piece of land and build our house, my school and my workshop as soon as we get back.  I might have a deal on some land in a nearby village…I have some friends working on that right now.
Our friends in Georgia have a container that is coming down here in the relative near future.  I have some tools that are scheduled to go in it from a friend in Georgia, and I would like to put a few more things on it.  I would like a good shop vac, thickness planer, drill press…maybe even a radial arm saw.  They are loading the container on November 4th, so whatever I can buy on Amazon and ship to the container’s location, I might be able to see when I get back.  If you would like to help me buy a tool, please do so with the one time donation button up top and put “tools” in the space for “Special instructions for seller”
Ok, I think that is enough rambling for tonight.  I am so happy that many of my friends and family follow my journey down here.  Again, I will ask for support…please consider a monthly contribution or a one time contribution for my work down here.  
Thanks for reading!

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