For the last six months, and for my first 37 years, Nebraska has been my home.  From October of 2011 until November of 2014, Haiti has been my home.  I love being here and spending time with my family.  I love the opportunities that exist here for making a buck.  I appreciate the experiences that I am getting through school and work…But…I miss Haiti!

We are still waiting on some paperwork for my wife.  If you think that the DMV can be a little difficult now and then…try working through an immigration case!  I have been and I still am patient and understanding.  The person I speak with on the phone is not necessarily an incompetent fool, they just have an incomprehensible system to work within.

My wife is just finishing her second quarter taking English as a second language classes at Metro Community College.  I am very proud of her for that.  She loves to go to class and she studies during the week.  Her English is so great compared to when she arrived in Omaha (when it was seven degrees) at the end of November.

I can’t wait to share my new skills with my friends in Haiti.  I just finished a class myself at Metro for repairing window air conditioners and refrigerators.  I have the tools and the knowledge to make the classrooms at “Pursuit of Happiness English Institute” nice and cool!  I also gained some experience setting tile.  I kind of knew how to do it, but I got a lot of practice over the last few months.  And for the last month or so, I have been working with a general contractor.  His knowledge and experience has been filling many gaps that I have had in general construction techniques.

First shower that I did when I got back

Record display stand I built for my friend Steve

Some tile work that I helped with

I helped build this!

My latest shower
Tuned up my friend’s garage wall for him!

All of these skills will be put to work as soon as I hit the ground.  I have several beds to build for a friend in Port au Prince, (That’s you Jim!)  I believe that some more benches are needed out in Myan, Jan Thompson is going to get to see my tile skills when we remodel the Pastor’s bathroom at Christopher’s Hope.  And then there is my place!  I will start construction on a place to live and a place to work alongside Much Ministries on the property of Market Place Gonaives.

We are making preparations for departure.  I am looking for a shipping container and chassis to buy.  I will park it at a friend’s business in the Omaha area until it is full, then I will have it shipped to us down there.  I always have my eyes open for things that we will need eventually down there.  Used laptops for the IT classes, tools for the carpentry classes, materials and tools for other ventures as well.  We will also probably look to put some appliances and other things for our home on there too.

Please pray that all goes well for us regarding our return home to Haiti.  Many people down there miss us…my wife’s family, our friends from America that live there, even the lady that sells me my fried pork has been asking about us!

Thanks for reading.


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