We believe people learn best in community. Instead of lectures, we work alongside our students letting them learn hands on.


Every student is trained by a skilled craftsman giving them a unique opportunity the best techniques early on.


We equip the students with state of the art tools to help them develop the highest level of skills.


Students embark on their own ventures fully trained with a dedicated support community rooting them on to succeed.

Recent News

  • Bon Fet Noel!

    Here is an update from our new place!
    I ended up renting the place that I blogged about over a year ago.  I am renting the main floor of the house.  There is enough room that I can can start my carpentry shop inside!  I have to make some cabinets for the bathroom and completely build out the kitchen, all stuff that I can do and I enjoy doing.
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  • Good news and bad news – C’est la vie!

    Feels like home again. We have been back for nearly two months and I definitely feel like I am home again.  I have been reconnecting with friends, students and businesses.  I think people are actually glad to see that we came back!  Hardware stores, food vendors, the lady I go to for diapers... it was great to be able to tell everyone that I'm back. Read More
  • Settling back in… for now!

    Well, we made it back to Gonaives safely on September 11th.  We flew from Omaha to Atlanta to Port au prince on the 10th, spent the night at CJ's Guest House and rode back to Gonaives with Beaver Brooks the next morning.
    This is how she traveled between gates in Atlanta!
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