Here is an update from our new place!

I ended up renting the place that I blogged about over a year ago.  I am renting the main floor of the house.  There is enough room that I can can start my carpentry shop inside!  I have to make some cabinets for the bathroom and completely build out the kitchen, all stuff that I can do and I enjoy doing.

Today I am waiting for a “boss” to finish a couple of things – sink in the bathroom and rewire a couple of outlets.  When this place is finished, it will be top notch.  It has power (when the rest of the town has power), it has a reservoir on the roof for the modern bathroom (shower, sink and flush toilet), it is on a paved road and it has a big back yard.

This will be the kitchen area


This is the dining area, I will build a raised floor over the well head.


This is the front of the house that faces Route Basin (the road to the new hospital)


This is looking to the back door, my shop area.

This will be our home for the next year at least while we look for land to build on.  As you walk in the front door, everything in on your left.  Dining area, kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, second bedroom.  The right side is completely open from the front to the back and is around 18 feet wide.  The majority of this space will be my carpentry shop and the back bedroom will be my office and work area for repairing computers and other electronic projects.

24 Desanm

The 24th of December is when the Haitians celebrate Christmas.  All of the streets are cleaned up, yards are organized, lots of food is prepared.  This evening just before sunset, the festivities will begin.  Some people call this a night of no sleep.  The parties will be going well into the morning at most houses.

Family news

Victoria is so much fun.  She is starting to talk and she speaks a mixture of Creole and English.  She loves animals, she misses the kitten from the other house…but she has a new friend for now.  We are watching the Brooks’ new puppy until they get back in January.  They got a female Rott.  Ruthcher’s pregnancy is going well, she is 7 months now and everything appears to be normal with her.  Hoping for a February delivery.

All dressed up for church!


People watching and playing her little piano at the new house.
Victoria playing with the new puppy

Tile Project

I took on what I thought was going to be a quick project at Jan Thompson’s orphanage.  We were to remove all the old tile and replace it with something pretty and pink, pink toilet and rebuild some closets.  Tile is very difficult to remove from a concrete block wall, plumbing fixtures don’t work the same with gravity pressure as opposed to pressure from city water, trips to get plumbing supplies involve three or four different stores, thin set does not go very far on a rough surface – and it is only available in Port!  All of those problems, but we managed to get the tile done and Jean Philippe is working on the closets as we speak!

Jean Philippe removing the old tile


The old white toilet
Removing the old fixture involves a demolition hammer!


Starting up the wall with the new tile


And a pretty border tile on top


Nearly finished with the tile


Installing the pink toilet!

My investment

I would not ask my friends and family to do anything that I was not willing to do myself.  I have decided to invest in myself here as much as I can – I am going to sell my house in the US.  I would like to get a vehicle with four wheels for our growing family, I would like to purchase a generator so that my carpentry shop can still function at times like right now (running on batteries) and I would like to have a decent down payment for the land we will buy.  I am “All in” on this project and I am asking for your help as well.  The not profit corporation “Tools for Success,” has been formed and it has federal 501(c)3 status.  Small monthly donations or one time contributions of money are appreciated.
We can also receive supplies for a short time.  We have a shipping container in Council Bluffs that we will ship down here when it gets full.  Medical supplies, school supplies, books…some ideas.  Contact me if you have any questions about that –  We are not looking for someone to go out and buy things for the container that are available for purchase here.  It makes more sense to invest in Gonaives with that money.  If you would like your money to do something specific, don’t hesitate to let me know.
Thanks for reading this and following our lives.  Have a Merry Christmas and may God bless you and your families!
Scott, Ruthcher and Victoria.

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