Well, we made it back to Gonaives safely on September 11th.  We flew from Omaha to Atlanta to Port au prince on the 10th, spent the night at CJ’s Guest House and rode back to Gonaives with Beaver Brooks the next morning.

This is how she traveled between gates in Atlanta!

We arrived to my room full of stuff!  Before we left, I was cranking out lots of carpentry projects from my front yard workshop.  I was squatting in several rooms for lumber supply, tool storage, finished products and the like.  I managed to clear out all of the areas and put it all in my room during our stay in the US.  Even my scrap lumber and my motorcycle!

While I was gone, Second Story Goods has blossomed.  They are using lots of the space that I had been using and making amazing things.  Sad to lose my space, but happy for the growth in Kathy’s business!

On our way back to Gonaives, Ruthcher surprised her father at work in St. Marc.  He knew we were coming back some time in September, but she never told anyone the exact date!  After we got to Gonaives, we did the rounds surprising all of her family members the first night.

Victoria – loving the climate and happy as can be!


I bought some potential hammock stands.  Now I wait!

 Market Place Gonaives

The dream project of Beaver and Kathy Brooks is finally making progress that you can see!  They closed on the property and the security walls were started a couple of weeks ago.  As soon as the security walls are complete, work on the existing structures can start.  For more information about the Marked Place, follow this link – MPG.  One very exciting thing about this project is that I am going to lease the back corner for my carpentry shop, carpentry school and my house!  Tools for Success has a home.

Wall going up behind the Market Place Gonaives


The man – Beaver Brooks – in the back corner of the property

My next step is to raise some money to build the structures necessary for Tools for Success to work.  I am putting together a web based fundraiser and I will be asking my friends and family to find a way to support this project.  I will need money for construction materials, labor, tools and infrastructure.

I believe that much like the Market Place idea, once the foundation is in place, Tools for Success will be able to support itself through classes and contracts.

Thanks again for following me…I will have another update very soon!  That will be when I invite you to the launch of the Tools for Success website!

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