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Looking Good!

I was really impressed with the decorative painting that Kathy did on her little “Market” building that we put up in the yard.  There is still some work for me to do…build a front porch, seal and paint the floor, put in windows…but it looks great so far.  She has many things inside made through her trade school.  It is definately a high point of the tour for new groups to the house!

Jean Phillipe finished my dresser!  This guy does amazing work.  We picked up the dresser from his workshop in Jubilee and brought it back to our house to finish.  He put the hinges on the doors and handles on the drawers.  He sanded it and put on three coats of varnish.  It is quite a masterpiece…He might even have some more work lined up from having it on display in our yard for the three days it took to put the finishes on it.

I think I have a corporate sponsor!  I put the sticker on anyway…maybe the company has to do a few more installations before they can officially sponsor me.  If you know any golf course owners / operators that are looking into a GPS system, CartTrac is the only way to go.  They have a robust affordable GPS solution for your fleet!

Thanks Mom and Dad for the present…Here I am playing Bananagrams with Kervins and Francoise.  Maybe soon I will be able to play it in Creole rather than in English!

We recently had a group in that helped out at Pastor Genada’s quite a bit.  They did a bunch of painting in the orphanage and in the school.  Sure they painted all of the walls white, but then they went above and beyond and put up some great murals.  Here are a couple of pictures of their work!

While they were working on the painting, I was in the new bathroom that the Pastor is working on.  I boxed in some plumbing and put up some shelves.  I had help from Amos, Jean Phillipe and Kevin.  Amos is our right hand man down here…he helps with driving the team around, keeping the house running, keeping the trucks running…pretty much anything we need he can take care of.  Jean Phillipe is the carpenter from Jubilee.  Kevin is the son of a Pastor and his wife that help with Pastor Genada’s operation.
So, that was a pretty good week and a half!  Last week we did not have a team here and we pretty much concentrated on getting ready for teams every week for the next few months…I think we are booked up until the end of March now.  This next week is kind of like “Founders Week!”  We have Emory and Mary back with us along with several of the others that were involved with getting Jubilee off the ground.  We are breaking ground tomorrow on the foundation for the medical clinic!
I am sorry that it has been so long between blog entries…I will make an effort to give you all an extra update this week with all of the exciting things that are starting during “Founders Week.”  I will leave you with a picture from this morning at church…there might have been room for one more, but I think I was at capacity.  These three sat on my lap for the whole service!
May God bless all of you as he has blessed me.

Made it back safely!

Feels great to be back here…Left Omaha Friday afternoon, spent the night in the Miami airport, then first flight to Port au Prince on Saturday morning.  I was pleasantly surprised that Beaver and Kathy were already there waiting!  We did some chasing around Port, then we grabbed our group and headed back to Gonaives.

Due to the lack of sleep Friday night, I didn’t take part in the festivities Saturday night…it is kind of a big deal here, the 1st is independence day!  President Martelli came to town to give a speech on Sunday…I made it to the town square to watch (along with the rest of Gonaives).  I am not sure what he was talking about, but he seems to be admired by everyone here.

Over the last few days I have run into most of the people that I know here (locals).  The other Americans that went home for Christmas are not back yet.  We had a group here from Atlanta for a few days, they are gone already.  Now we have a family from Canada here.  We have tackled a couple of projects already…more shelves in the tool room and some upgrades to the bathrooms in the school!

The sandbag house was still being worked on while the guys were away…thanks to Kezia and Sam and a lot of local boys!  Here is a picture of the nearly completed exterior!

I am anxious to get settled into my room.  I went with Amos to try and buy a dresser so I have some place to empty my pockets at night.  Most of the locations that I have seen locally made furniture were closed due to the holiday, but one was open down on Rue Datte.  As I was looking over the dressers, I saw my buddy Jean Phillipe…duh…he makes furniture…thats how he feeds his family!  So yesterday, him and I bought lumber so that he could make me the dresser.  Here he is getting started on it today.

It was great to spend time with my family and friends over the holidays.  I appreciate all of the support that you all have given me.  Please keep me in your prayers.  Keep these wonderful people down here in your prayers as well.  There is so much potential here.